About Me

I write through a prism.

Like refracting glass, I deconstruct abstract ideas and use language to bring their core messages to light—vivid, direct,  and resonant without sacrificing nuance or depth. 

What I've learned as a creator is that effective writing receives before it gives. It listens before it speaks. It strives to make its audience feel seen, trading gimmicks for authenticity and inspiring readers to take action through transparency and truth.

I write because I love the light. If you're looking for a writer who's eager to explore your ideas and give them color, I'd love to talk.


I have a degree in English with honors distinction from Barrett, the Honors College at  Arizona State University. 

My undergrad thesis, "On Being: Multidimensional Experiences of the Self in Landscapes and Dreamscapes," combined critical analysis of French surrealist literature with creative writing to explore concepts of the self and space.


I have two years of experience working with a diverse range of D2C brands in the fashion, lifestyle, and beauty industries.

My work includes creative strategy, blog writing, email copy, website copy, product descriptions, google and meta ad copy, and organic social captions.

“The personal, if it is deep enough, becomes universal, mythical, symbolic; I never generalize, intellectualize. I see, I hear, I feel. These are my primitive instruments of discovery.”

Anaïs Nin